Vendor Info

We have opened up the registration for users to become vendors. If you are interested in becoming a vendor and selling on you will be required to complete the form. Each form will be reviewed before users are approved. After approval, as a vendor you will be able to create your own “store” on and sell knives through the website. There will be a small fee associated with sales through the website. This will help us maintain the website and to keep the services available to everyone.

The current commission is $5.00 per sale. We think this is a very fair price and it will help support our website and work to keep it up. This amount can change at any time without notice, and will only be posted here on the website. Please be sure to check here to view the current commission rate.

In the future we will be moving more toward selling through the website and not so much on the Facebook group. We all know that the group could be shut down due to rules with Facebook at any time – and feel that it is a safer and better move to migrate sales and some of the discussion to the website. If you have any questions feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us. We will respond as soon as we can.

Vendor Registration Requirements

  1. No negative feedback or occurrences in the group. Past or present
  2. You can have a store name but no anonymous user aliases will be allowed. Only actual user names, and a store name that you select to use
  3. You can only sell knives currently in your possession that you own
  4. We retain the right to ask for proof of ownership of listed knives at any time. If a violation is found, you will be removed from being a vendor
  5. The form must be completed honestly. If we find any false information that has been submitted, you will be banned from all future possibility of selling on the site.
  6. If you are a new vendor, you agree that your funds may be held for up to 14 days or 2 transactions to ensure shipment of products. (Only applies once to new users. After transactions and feedback are completed your funds will be released weekly)

How it Works

First, you sign up to be a vendor on using the link HERE

Next, you will be notified if your application was approved or denied

If approved, you can create your own “store” on to list your knives for sale

A small commission is taken from the sale to help support (Amount to be disclosed once your submission is approved)

Payments are submitted every Friday at 8:00 pm


Q: Does hold the money from knife sales?

A: Yes – payouts are on Fridays. If a knife sale is made Monday, then the funds will be released to the seller on Friday during the payout

Q: Does offer assistance if a knife is not shipped or does not arrive as advertised?

A: We ask you to contact us as we will handle these on an individual basis. Most sales are between the Seller and Buyer and theslipjointexchange will not interfere unless there is a major issue. We assume no liability for any sales.

Q: When will registrations be open to apply to be a vendor?

A: We are currently finalizing some minor things on the website, and once we get to that point we will announce it and open the signups up. This will likely be closer to November / December of this year (2023)

Vendor Openings

We will only allow a limited number of vendor spots at a time. As more are opened or available, we will be approving more. If you have any questions about the approval process or your submitted request, then please use our contact form to get in touch.

Additional Information

We reserve the right to remove any users not following the rules from the vendor area. If you were removed from being a vendor there was a reason. Follow the rules, ship your knives on time – and be polite.